Sample Cold Prospecting Email

Note: Advantage Kitchenware is a fictional company. The product mentioned here doesn’t exist.

Subject Line:

Satisfy special toast orders without slowing your production

Preheader text:

Pushbutton operation supports precise settings and lowers your costs.


Hello, [first_name]


We don’t know each other, but we met briefly at the Ohio Restaurant Association conference last October.

If you’re like most restaurateurs with a busy breakfast and brunch business, you probably wish you had a toaster that doesn’t slow your production down. I’m sure you’re even more frustrated when the setting affects other slices, and you have to throw them away.

The Advantage Kitchenware Toaster allows you to toast two slices with precise, targeted light, medium, or dark settings without affecting other slices. It’s a simple, quick pushbutton operation.

Would it make sense to schedule a live online demo where you can see the toaster in action and get all your questions answered?

You can email me or click on my “Book a meeting” link to schedule a date and time that’s convenient for you.

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