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The world of marketing is drowning in marketing content. Millions of messages every day—ads, brochures, emails, blogs, white papers, ebooks, case studies, videos, tweets…on and on…

It reminds me of watching the sky on a cold, clear night from a 12,000-foot mountaintop when there was nothing between my eyes and the stars but a thin atmosphere and space. The stars seemed endless, but a few stood out because they shone brighter than others.

And so it is with marketing content. Some messages get attention. Others fade into the background.

Quality beats quantity every time

but what is quality content?

What does quality content have that dimmer stars don’t?

Today’s B2B buyers have little patience with low-quality content. They are searching for answers, and when they don’t find them quickly, they move on. But more than answers, they are looking for someone they can trust. Often, their careers are on the line.

Here are four aspects of marketing content essential to building lasting relationships.


Being open and honest about who you are—including your warts and foibles—creates trust. Your customers want to connect with real people.

Being authentic does more than connect you with the people who need your products and services. It helps you disconnect from people who don’t need your services, so you don’t waste your resources trying to grow relationships that won’t bear fruit.

Authenticity doesn’t mean you need to advertise your honesty and integrity. Just demonstrate your values with the way you speak openly to your prospects.

A few weeks ago, my construction engineer neighbor and I were talking about contractors. He said, “If you need to put the word integrity in your business name, you don’t have any.”

Integrity isn’t what you say. It’s what you do.

I tell your story without hype or hoopla. I present the facts about your services, explain the benefits, and show them the proof.

Personal Messaging

The profile or persona you develop for your ideal buyer can be geographic, demographic, behavioral, social, psychological, or any combination of those characteristics. I want to know as much as I can learn about your customers. Then I help you speak directly to them and their needs. I don’t write for a broad audience. I write for an audience of one, many times over.


There are unlimited ways to deliver your message, and my mission is to help you create and deliver the messages the resonate with the individuals in your target market at the right time in the buyer’s journey.

However, the buying process isn’t a straight line. At any point, especially in a long sales process, buyers can learn about new options and possibilities, reconsider their needs, or decide not to buy at all.

An effective marketing strategy will have the right content available for any point in the buyer’s journey, so you can reach your potential customer with the right answers at the right time.

Conversational Tone

Imagine sitting in a quiet coffee shop with the CIO you want to do business with. You wouldn’t want to impress them with technical gobbledygook. They’d see right through it.

So, you wouldn’t use formal language, and you wouldn’t try the hard sell. Instead, you’d use a conversational tone to describe what you do and how you do it. You would explain the benefits, but you wouldn’t make unrealistic promises.

That’s the way I write. One human being to another.

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