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Templates, Scripts, and Content for Sales Success

Want to close more deals and increase your sales? As a sales enablement copywriter, I help your sales team with tools that persuade prospects and overcome objections, so you can close more deals.

Email Prospecting

Let’s kick things off with email prospecting. I write cold prospecting email templates that break the ice and follow-up email sequences to keep them coming back for more. And it’s not just templates and scriptsI’ve also got content to get the conversation started and keep it flowing. Think short, snappy eBooks, authoritative white papers, video scripts, and infographics.

Phone Prospecting

Don’t forget about phone prospecting – my battle cards and call scripts will give your sales team everything they need to steer the conversation toward a sale. And for lead nurturing, I’ve got case studies and datasheets that show potential buyers how you deliver on your promises and keep them moving to the next step.

Lead Nurturing Content

My case studies and datasheets show potential buyers how you deliver on your promises and move the potential buyer to the next step. And, if you want to improve your website’s search ranking and visibility, my SEO review of your website content will ensure you’re on the right track.

How it Works

My process is super easy. We’ll have an initial chat to discuss your needs and goals, and then I’ll meet with your sales team to understand their challenges. I’ll submit drafts and provide revisions until you’re satisfied. And once you approve and deploy the tools, we can discuss the impact on sales and update as needed.

Want to improve your sales? Let’s talk about how sales enablement copywriting can boost your results.

You can use my scheduler to choose a convenient date and time or call me directly.

Call me: +1 (904) 650-2566

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