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Elevator pitch

Our Application Management Services help you overcome the costs and challenges in supporting, monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing your SumTotal ecosystem. We free you from staffing and maintenance worries so you can focus on delivering value.

We provide constant monitoring on an agreed schedule to prevent and resolve problems and optimize the value SumTotal delivers, all at an affordable, predictable price.

And, because we serve many SumTotal clients, we can provide expert technical services without breaking your budget.

Primary Features and Benefits

Is it difficult for you to find, train, or keep skilled administrators? With our services, you have a skilled, technology-enabled SumTotal monitoring and support team. We handle the staffing so you can focus on improving your services.

Do you put off adopting new features and capabilities of your software because you can’t find the time to roll them out? Your Pixentia maintenance team supports your integrations and updates so you can make the most of new technologies to help your workforce adapt to change.

Are specialized technical skills available when you need them, or do you have to wait on IT’s backlog of projects? We’ve been implementing and supporting SumTotal technology for 23 years. You’ll have access to expert services when you need them, and you’ll enjoy faster time to value and lower cost. You don’t need to wait.

Handling Objections

We tried that. The company did what it said it would, but we didn’t get what we needed.

That will happen when you have poorly designed metrics. Counting the number of incidents resolved or the percentage of resolved issues doesn’t give you true value.

We base our metrics on value delivered, which means measuring actual performance, like response time, resolution time, and satisfaction. It’s not about counting things—it’s about understanding the impact on your operations and workflow.

We meet with you frequently to ensure we meet and exceed your needs. We also encourage you to survey your people to get the inside story of how we are doing.

AMS companies are good at promising support and collecting tickets, but issues don’t get solved quickly enough.

We understand how that can happen, but we work on the belief that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. We are serious about preventing issues and keeping them from happening again. That requires diligent preventive monitoring and quick response times built into your contract.

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